Lake Plastiras Holidays

Lake Plastira is Agrafa’s gem and is found 25 km west of Karditsa. The scenery is breathtaking and the beautiful lake is  surrounded by mountains.

The region is considered as a  "paradise" for nature lovers and provides the opportunity for hiking, fishing and  mountain walks and numerous lake Plastiras activities. Lake Plastiras holidays is an unforgettable experience!

Τhe area is an official training cycling  center for the Olympics 2004. The lake is artificial and was created after the construction of the dam,  a huge construction in an arrow shape, with a height  of 83 m and length of  200 m.

While going to the lake you can visit the traditional village of Agios Georgios and villages Portitsa and Muscat.

All the villages around the lake are  very beautiful. Neochori covers a wide area and has the best view of the lake with most guesthouses located there, while Kalyvia Pezoulas is ideal for shopping and nightlife.

Lake Plastiras tour in one day

The tour of  Lake Plastiras is an experience, that nobody should  miss, and that’s why, we suggest to all the guests to tour around lake plastiras. Take a look at the kilometric distances and points of interest. The area is ideal for relaxation and touring so do not hesitate to visit it now!

The kilometric distances around the lake:

  • Kalivia Pezoulas – Neochori 5 km
  • Neochori – Mpelokomitis 4 km
  • Mpelokomitis -  Fragma 7 km
  • Fragma – Moucha 3 km
  • Moucha – Kastania – 6.5 km
  • Kastania – Agios Athanasios Lamperou 7 km
  • Agios Athanasios Lamperou – Tsardaki 5km
  • Tsardaki – Mesenikolaos 7.5 km
  • Mesenikolaos – Morfovouni 2 km
  • Morfovouni – Krioneri 8 km
  • Krioneri – Kalivia pezoulas 4 km

Lake Plastiras History

Lets learn some things about lake Plastiras history and the surrounding area.

Lake Plastiras has not always been here. The position has existed since ancient times and river "Tavropos" was flowed slowly over the south to meet  river Acheloos. This area was called Nevropolis, apparently by the abundance of deers that once lived here. (“Nevros” is the newborn of the deer).

Around 1928 an important man of Karditsa, General Nikolaos Plastiras conceived the idea of building a dam , that would solve the problem of irrigation of the Thessaly plain, the  water supply of Karditsa and of  other communities, and that would also produce electricity with the utilization of water power.

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